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Post by Fact0ry on Thu May 21, 2015 3:56 pm

General DarkRP Rules

No 1 Way props.
Only Jail Bars can be used for One Way.

Users can only have a max of $15,000,000 dollars.
More than 15mil will be a reset to 150 thousand dollars.

Multi Binds are not allowed: No binds that have Raid/Mugging/Carjacking in one Advert!

1. Do Not RDM (Random DeathMatch): Do Not Kill Anyone without a valid reason.

2. Do Not CDM (Car Deathmatch): Do Not Run over People under any circumstances.

3. Do not break NLR (New Life Rule): When dead, you will forget everything that has happened before you died. Do not return to the area that you have died for 3 minutes.

4. Do Not RDA (Random Arrest): Do Not randomly arrest anyone without a valid RP reason.

5. No Micspam

6. Do NOT Use Voicechangers

7. Do not Prop Block/Surf/Kill/Spam/Push/Climb: Doing so will result in a harsh ban.

8. Respect all staff!

9. No disgusting/disturbing sprays allowed!

10. Do NOT Backseat Administrate: If somebody propkills or RDM's you, Call an admin. Do not propkill or RDM him back, It will put you in trouble.

11. Do Not Meta-Game!: Do not give information through OOC. Ex: Telling cops through OOC (Out of Character) to tell them you were kidnapped.

12. No One-Way Props: Do not make props that you can see through, but the other person cannot.
13. Do not FailRP: Do not do things that are impossible to do in real life!

14. Follow FearRP! : If you are being mugged and are at gunpoint, Do not pull any guns or weapons out. Act as if you were frightened.

15. Do not abuse with Fading Doors: Do not use fading doors just to kill somebody, And do not close fading door once it has been cracked.

16. Advert Mug/Steal/Raid once doing so.
Ex: If you are about to Mug somebody, Type /advert Mug
If not following, will result in a punishment.

Mug Limit: 2500$

17. Do NOT Power-Game! : Do not drop your weapons that you have acquired then switch jobs just to keep the weapons.
Ex: Turning into a Gun Dealer, Spawning guns then dropping them to become a Gangster to keep the guns.


19. Do not use Racist/Discriminatory slurs.

20. Keep OOC PG-13

21. Kidnapping Cooldown: Do not kidnap the same person. Wait 30 minutes

22. Mug Cooldown: You are not allowed to mug a person that has already been mugged for 15 minutes

23. Do not start a War without Admin Permissions.

24. Do NOT Make Props invisible.

25. Do not impersonate staff members or other users
Doing so will result in a punishment

Doing so will result in a permanent ban.

27. Exploits are not allowed!


29. No Building on Roofs

30. No Purges.

31. You may not Kidnap/Mug CP's or SWAT

32. You may not stay in your car to avoid death.
FailRP Applies.

33. Do not Disrespect Admins or Users

34. No Spamming Chat or Admin Chat.

General Laws

AOS= Arrest on Sight.
KOS= Kill on Sight

1. Raiding is AOS or KOS

2. Mugging is AOS

3. Stealing is AOS

4. Kidnapping/ Carjacking is AOS or KOS

5. Possession of Money Printers is AOS

6. Harming others is AOS

7. Weapons bigger than a pistol out are AOS

Raiding Rules

1. Do NOT Return to raiding area after you have died!
*NLR Applies.

2. Do NOT Kill people that are not involved in the Raid!
Doing so will result in a harsh punishment.

3. Taking over bases are not allowed.

4. Do Not Spawn or Use Props During a Raid!

5. Raid Cooldown: You are not allowed to Raid a base after 20 minutes.

6. Do Not Heal in Raids!

7. Advertise when you are Raiding!

8. Do NOT Raid anyone with a building sign.

9. PD Takeovers can only last for about 10 minutes.

10. You may not kill a Cop outside the PD during a PD Raid/Takeover.

11. Do not block/push over cameras

Basing Rules

1.Fading Doors must last for about 5 seconds or above!

2. Do not build in public areas!: Do not take over a section of the town for your base. You need at least 5 people in your group to close off a section of the town.

3. Do not Build in other people's KOS Areas.

4. Do not spawn many keypads: Do not leave the raider guessing what keypad controls what door

5. Do NOT Make Deathboxes: Do not make boxes make you shoot the raider but the raider cannot damage you.

6. Do not make mazes/puzzles in a base!

7. No Crouch/Jump bases.

8. Building Signs:
If a user has a building sign up. No Raider can raid you until you are done building.
Taking advantage of the Building Sign will result in a punishment.

9. Only 5 fading doors per base

10. No Double Fading Doors.
(Meaning if you open up a fading door, you have to open the other one right after)

11. No KOS Loitering/Idoling Signs
(Meaning no signs where people cant stay around your base for a certain amount of time.

Citizen Rules

1. No Mugging
2. No Raiding
3. No Carjacking/Stealing
4. No Kidnapping.
5. No Assassinations
6. You may not base with mob bosses/ gangsters.
7. You are allowed to help out Civil Protection.

Civil Protection / Swat Rules

1. You may raid a base if there is a wanted person in the base!
2. Do Not Random Warrant.
3. No mugging
4. No Stealing/Carjacking
5. No Kidnapping
6. No Assassinations
7. No Random Wanted
8. No Random weapon checking
9. Do not Random Arrest
10. NLR Is allowed in a PD Takeover!
11. Do NOT Make a base outside the PD

Gun Dealer Rules

1. Every Gun Dealer must have a public shop!
2. No Raiding
3. No Mugging
4. No Stealing/Carjacking
5. No Kidnapping
6. No Assassinations
7. You may not base you may only have shops with other sales people
8.You may not self-supply

Gangster / Mob Boss / Thief Rules

1. You may only have up to 7 people for a gang.
2. You are not allowed to help the CP's

Medic Rules

1. No Raiding
2. No Mugging
3. No Stealing/Carjacking
4. No Kidnapping
5. No Assassinations
6. You may not heal people during a raid
7. You are NOT allowed to base with Gangsters, Thiefs or Mob Bosses

Mayor Rules

1. No Mugging
2. No Kidnapping
3. Interrogations are allowed
4. No Carjacking/Stealing
5. You  may raid with a cop team only if you are catching a wanted person in a base.
6. No Random Lockdowns
7. No Random warrants or wanted
8. J-Walking law is not allowed.

Hobo / Hobo Lord Rules

1. No Raiding
2. You cannot base with other people other than Hobos
3. You are allowed to Mug, but cooldown is 5 minutes
4. You may not own houses or buildings
5. You may not spawn printers, but you can steal them.
6. You may not build in the middle of the streets


Hitman Rules

1. You can only raid the person you have a hit on
2. No Mugging
3. No Carjacking / Stealing
4. You may assassinate Mayor only if you have a hit on him!
5. You may not give free hits
6. You must advert Hit Complete or Hit Accepted everytime a hit is Complete or Accepted
7. You may not accept hits from other Hitmen

Body Guard Rules

1. No mugging
2. No Raiding
3. No Kidnapping
4. No Carjacking/ Stealing
5. You are allowed to work for everyone even CP's

Admin on Duty Rules

1. You are not allowed to Roleplay.

Cab Driver Rules

1. No Mugging
2. No Raiding
3. No Assassinations
4. No Kidnapping
5. No Stealing/Carjacking
6. You may use your pistol only if somebody refuses to pay or for self-defense
7. You may not help people get away from raids or help with a kidnapping.
(Using your Taxi-Car as a get-away Car)
8. You may not base with gangsters or mob bosses.
9. Payment for taxi cannot be over 1,000$

Free Runner Rules

1. No Raiding
2. No Mugging
3. You May Carjack / Steal
4. No Assassinations
5. No Kidnapping
6. You May not base with Gangsters or Mob Bosses

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