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Post by Katy Perry on Wed Feb 25, 2015 6:51 pm

General Rules:

1. Have Fun!
2. Do not use excessive Vulgar language.
3. Respect all players.
4. When a staff member says something, Listen.
5. Do not use hacks/scripts, will result in PERMA Ban.
6. Do not spam mic/chat.
7. Do not use map exploits.
8. No ghosting.
9. No Gay Porn/Disgusting sprays.
10. Do not go AFK for more than 2 rounds.
11. "No detours No delays" is implied to every order.
12. Do not Troll is any way.
13. Names must be easy to read.
14. Use common sense when you need to.
15. Do not Prop Block.
16. No LR if warden is dead.
17.Death Requests are not required.
18. If you kill yourself after you break a rule that requires you to be slain, that is avoiding punishment.
19. If you spawn in the VIP Cell on any map, you dont have to listen to orders until the doors open.
20. Do not use unnecessary binds in chat. If you continue after warned, it will result in a kick
21. Do NOT farm hours under any circumstances. If you continue to do so after being warned you will be banned.
22. Do not have the same name / portion of a name as another player. You will be asked to change it and if you dont comply you will be kicked.
23. If you are going to play on our server, you may not use "PAC" and have an edited player model, you will be banned.
24. Do not add a color to your name to alter the color of your name, you will be asked to change it.

Guard Rules:

2. Do not prop kill the prisoners.
3. Do not give the prisoners orders, only warden can.
4. Do not talk over the warden.
5. No baiting the prisoners into kos zones.
6. Do not KOS camp. (Standing in our right outside a KOS area for awhile)
7. Do not gunplant the prisoners.
8. Do not freeshoot the prisoners.
9. Only the warden can kill the prisoner who gives last request.
10. If the warden tells you do to something, Do it.
11. If the warden dies, Its a freeday.
12. LGKA (Last Guard Kills All) will take place if you are the last guard. There must be at least 3 Guards at the BEGINNING of the round for it to take place. But if 25% of the guards have been slain LGKA will not take place. If there are 4 guards and ONE is slain, then LGKA will take place.
13. Never aid and abet the prisoners.
14. When LGKA is in effect, The guard MUST be activley searching.
16. If a guard is afk for 1 or more round they will be team swapped.
17. Guard Blocking will not be tolerated, it will result in a slay.
18. If warden has no mic wait until 9:00 to open cell doors.
19. killing prisoners after the round ends is still RDM.

Warden Rules:

1. Warden MUST hacve a mic to be the warden.
2. You must say your command clearly, and not speak too fast.
3. If you give more than 4 kos's you must repeat when 25% of prisoners ask for it.
4. When the map changes, You must do first day freeday.
5. When you play a game, you must explain what the outcome will be.  If you dont and prisoners die, its RDM / Prop Kill.
6. You cannot do the same thing two days in a row, this means Wardays, Hide and Seek, and Freedays.
7. If no order is given by 9:00, Its a freeday.
8. If cell doors are not opened by 8:30, its a freeday.
9. Do not opt in for warden if you have no mic, you will be slain.
10. You may not force the prisoners to do something that will make them kos.
11. If you have no mic and are warden, You may NEVER give commands over text. This includes passing warden powers.
12. At LEAST 2 prisoners MUST survive a Favortism based game. If 2 dont, it will count as RDM.
13. Wardens may use a little favortism, But if you go overboard with it, you will be slain.
14. Warden can deny LGKA.
15. You must give a minimum of 3 seconds after saying a command before KOSing a prisoner.
16. If a prisoner gives the term "me" in there LR referring to themselves, then you must use the common sense rule and give them their LR.
17. If you do Hold The Fort Day, guards may not go into the TP Towers.

Prisoner Rules:

1. Do not prop kill other prisoners, first offense will be ban for one day. (Go Karts dont count as props)
2. Prisoner Blocking will not be tolerated, If done for 10 consecutive seconds, you will be KOS.


1. Ladders to KOS areas are KOS.
2. If you see a prisoner pick up a gun, they are NOT KOS.
3. If you know a prisoner has a weapon, you may not make them drop it.
4. You may not kill a prisoner with a weapon unless they pull it out.
5. If you see a prisoner escape their cell through a vent, They ARE KOS.
6. If you see a prisoner punch a vent/Go in a vent, They are KOS.
7. If you see a prisoner go into a KOS area they are KOS.
8. If a prisoner is not obeying the warden, You may KOS.
9. Smoke grenades are NOT KOS.
10. Punching guards = Rebelling, you may KOS.
11. Vents ARE KOS areas.
12. If a prisoner goes through a teleporter that is NOT associated with a map activity and you see them, they are KOS.
13. Dont beg for positions on staff team, This will only make your chances worse


1. KOS: Kill on sight.
2. Freelook: moving mouse, if you are commanded to AFK Freeze, You may not freelook.
3. AFK Freeze: Do not move around or freelook.
4. Pardon: When a prisoner is KOS and a warden Pardons them from existing KOS'es.
5. Detour: Not going straight to where you are commanded to go.
6. Delay: When you don't go to where you are commanded, or stay still after being commanded to move.
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