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Post by NeoWolf on Wed May 27, 2015 5:32 am

So first off I wish that more people said stuff on it but whatever. So the top one was the s which was very nice of the two the voted it.
Then for the "Don't think you should hold any power" I was wondering was it because I was hacked or was it because someone I either come across as an abuser, or something to fear with power? Or do I just seem to be intimidating or something.
For the "You over react to crap" I know I have over reacted but I have tried very same hard not to and well I hope you see that. But I can't assure you see it if I miss you all a lot of the time and I have to complain about rule breakers.
For the "Your a time bomb in the making" I already am a time bomb, everyone technically is. But I have a very resilient fuse that has put up with a lot of bs. So unless you find the one, very specific point you have no chance of setting me off.
For "Other" what might that be?

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