Formal introduciton of who I am

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Formal introduciton of who I am Empty Formal introduciton of who I am

Post by kaosz on Fri Jul 17, 2015 7:55 pm

Hello Everyone!
IGN: "Dr. Face || kaosz" or "Kuddle me kaosz"
18, male, learning to code.
I do streams @
twitter @MCkaosz
No Facebook because fuck that.

I am a part of a popular furry fandom so don't get your jimmies in a bunch if you can't handle cute creatures. I am a nice guy and like to be funny sometimes. For the longest time I was known for being one of the best warden's in jailbreak. Mostly because it's fun to screw around with 23 people and make them laugh at the same time. I try to make every game a good and joyful experience; as long as it is not competitive... otherwise I lose my shit.

I have over 1300 hours logged into Garry's mod and am a former GB admin of the Impacted Gaming servers. I come from a background of administration and maintenance so if any of the staff are looking for a new staff member i'm open to it. Being an admin always made me feel like a super hero of sorts that could turn a testosterone filled situation into something tolerable quick and easy.

I don't really use forums all that much, only because I fill my free-time with games and college work.

Add me if you'd like my steam profile is ""


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