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Post by Cato on Mon Feb 01, 2016 6:33 pm

1. Steam ID:
2. In Game Name (add other names you have had in your time in the server):
3. Your Age:
4. Hours on Server: (check Game Tracker, Must have AT LEAST 20!)
5. Have you been staff on any other servers: (please name server)
6. Will you be an active staff member:
7. Will you use a mic to deal with issues:
8. Will you be mature about issues:
9. Write a 100 word paragraph stating why you think you would be a good staff member:
10. Do you agree to a interview via skype when we are available:

Please copy and paste template on post. Thanks

Must be Trusted Rank to become Mod.

Please Note: Anyone may post their thoughts on Mod Apps.

1. Necromancerman
2. Cato Et Dominor
3. 19
4. 25
5. Nope
6. Yes, very
7. Yes
8. Yes, very
9. I think I would be a very good member of your organization for a few reasons such as, I'm very good at memorizing rules, and I'll be on a large amount of the time, (Due to me being in a very far back time zone I'll be on when lots of the other mods aren't on). Another reason I think I'll work well on this server is because teamwork with other mods is required, and since I'm already friends with all the mods you wouldn't have to worry about any petty rivalrys, or useless squabbling, the final reason I have is as someone who has a mic and is constantly using is I'll be able to more easily spread the will of the admins without taking 10 hours to type everything up.
10. Yep yep

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