i am deagle

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i am deagle

Post by DEAGLE V O I D on Tue Apr 07, 2015 12:47 pm

my name is deagle v o i d.
i like deagles
ill 1v1 with u a deagle
ill rekt u with a deagle
i am known for going 1v12 and winning on a warday with a deagle.
what is a deagle?
desert eagle is your answer.
it is a high caliber weapon that only holds 7 bullets per mag. that is its only downfall.
as well being that it shoot fairly slowly.
every shot counts.
practice before use.
not a weapon
i also make lube
my lube contains good stuff
some of the good stuff is eagle semen, desert eagle parts, coca cola, krabby patty special formula, used semen, baby milk, breast milk, hot pepper sauce, the tears of an unborn child, sexywalrus's footjuice, vanillacone's icecream, ironcurtain's iron. i make my lube at fact0ries factory.
nice to meet u!

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