Dr. Face || Kaosz's Application for Mod

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Dr. Face || Kaosz's Application for Mod Empty Dr. Face || Kaosz's Application for Mod

Post by kaosz on Sat Nov 14, 2015 8:09 pm

1. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:304559
2. In Game Name (add other names you have had in your time in the server): Dr. Face || Kaosz -OR- Kuddle Me Kaosz
3. Your Age: 19
4. Hours on Server: Sadly I do not have the required hours, but I have a valid reason. (see reasons category)
5. Have you been staff on any other servers: I have actually been the Global Admin for the previously ran Impacted Gaming servers. The server shut down, due to the owner embezling money from the server's donations.
6. Will you be an active staff member: Yes, I have always tried to join frost jailbreak servers when it is full, but I feel that a lack of admins/mods and an increase in unmonitored guard abuse is keeping people from staying on the server to the point of being empty.
7. Will you use a mic to deal with issues: Yes, currently I have my game headset in the mail, but on the 19th of this month I will have my microphone available. Currently I am using my laptop's built in microphone.
8. Will you be mature about issues: Yes, as I have dealt with the same issues throughout Impacted, I am considered a very reasonable person/admin.
9. Write a 100 word paragraph stating why you think you would be a good staff member: I will start off by saying I am a very respected person amongst jailbreak communities. I have a few resources whom can tell you how I was as an admin (pm me if you would like their names). I like to concern myself with people's problems more than I play the game. This sounds a little intrucive, but I believe people have the right to play a fair game, than sit out for being rdmed. Here is my example. Imagine a guard has mass rdmed in the server. My first instinct is to contain the "rule breaker" and punish based on the facts at hand. Such as: Who can give testimony of what they saw and how credible are they? Did I see this for myself giving me executive decision? etc...
10. Do you agree to an interview via skype when we are available: Yes, but I would like to have my interview scheduled with my limited availability.

(reasons): For question 4, I haven't been on the server for very long, because the server has a very low tendency to have players. Normally when I am searching through servers, frost has 0 players playing. I would love to have the hours in, but I feel that an exception must be taken to take care of the server. I have also seen a lack of admins/mods on the server allowing many "rule breakers" freedom to do such acts, and making the game unplayable.


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Dr. Face || Kaosz's Application for Mod Empty Re: Dr. Face || Kaosz's Application for Mod

Post by JUSTOOMANYDAMNBONGOS on Sat Nov 14, 2015 8:27 pm

+1, he's been pretty loyal. Even after the banning mishap that happened a long time ago. IF he hadn't had been banned, he would easily have the hours

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