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Rip this server #2salty Empty Rip this server #2salty

Post by Darg on Wed Dec 30, 2015 12:27 am

Alright, to be fair, it was "okay" at first, however once the people started to come on, it became less fun. It came to the point that the warden didn't even have a mic and everyone just did whatever they want. I took warden after that and one of the guards rdm'd 4 people. I was then blamed for it even though the person pulling ups logs proved himself wrong. From that point people just became salty and tried to ban all 3 guards when only one was at fault. SO then, Mr. Bongos joins and says their word beats mine due to the fact they have been here longer, so what power corrupts. In honest opinion, the server is fun with random people, but once you see a ranked person, leave they will ruin the game, super salty players here (FIN)
I don't want to come to the server, leave me banned. The salt of the people you trust the most was like trying to swim in the dead sea. If anything the people being salty should be banned, they kept spamming the vote kick/gag/ban when votes said 3/10 in our favor. Talk about majority rules...

Salty people: TheRudePube <- Nasty name (and some other I forgot there names.)

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Rip this server #2salty Empty Re: Rip this server #2salty

Post by JUSTOOMANYDAMNBONGOS on Sat Jan 02, 2016 9:51 am

I honestly don't remember you that well. I will say this, however. I am a human being. I make decisions that are sometimes incorrect or hasty. I try my best and don't harbor any negative feelings. I will also acknowledge that there has been a lot of abuse and rule breaking on the server since there is only about 2 active staff members on the server currently. The server is in an awkward position right now with trolls and rdmers and it's overwhelming to be one of the few that are taking care of it.

If you ever want to comeback and give us another chance, make an unban request with all the details and I'll more than likely unban you for a second chance.

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