Retry: Niffip's Moderator Application

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Retry: Niffip's Moderator Application Empty Retry: Niffip's Moderator Application

Post by niffop on Fri Jul 17, 2015 5:45 am

1. Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:81819970
2. In Game Name (add other names you have had in your time in the server): Niffip, Wong Dong, Mystery Nipple
3. Your Age:I am fifteen years of age.
4. Hours on Server: (check Game Tracker, Must have AT LEAST 50 to apply for admin and 25 to apply for Mod!) I have above 25 hours.
5. Have you been staff on any other servers: (please name server) I have been staff on District 13 DarkRP.
6. Will you be an active staff member:I will be an active Staff member
7. Will you use a mic to deal with issues: Yes, I will.
8. Will you be mature about issues: I am very mature towards Issues
9. Write a 100 word paragraph stating why you think you would be a good staff member: I think that I would be a great Moderator Because I am On when no other Staff member is. I also think very clearly At all times. I Hate when there are problems that interfere with other people's experience or easy of gameplay. I get on around 10 o'clock AM and i am on until around mid-night. I am Able to think on the go and deal with things the most effctive way possible.Breaking rules is unacceptable and should be delt with as soon as possible.Poeple always wait for a staff member to sign in but one rarely does.I would love to help out the server that i enjoy So everyone can have fun.
10. Do you agree to a interview via skype when we are available: I agree


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Retry: Niffip's Moderator Application Empty Re: Retry: Niffip's Moderator Application

Post by Adam Jabado (TheTrueOne) on Thu Jul 23, 2015 11:58 pm

#FarmedHours, Never Seen You Rp. Always @ Spawn AFK Very Happy

-1 From me.
Adam Jabado (TheTrueOne)
Adam Jabado (TheTrueOne)

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